Hello, you’re on the Writer’s Platform (AWP). The platform is meant to make it easy, for writer’s such as you, to submit articles (and any other permissible material) to our editors who will determine whether they are publishable on our own websites or affiliates. And if they should require some improving on, you will be contacted. TOOLKIT therefore gives you tour on how to use and make the most of AWP.

Submitting articles: Submission of articles is to be done by email. You may send your articles to the email address; Pictures as well as other forms of multi-media to be considered for publishing together with your article should be added as email attachments.

What’s next: Upon receiving you submission, our editor(s) will review your submission. You may be contacted, using the email address you provided during registration, incase there is need to clarify a few things with your writing. if found to be publishable, you’ll receive a notification regarding the same.

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