Terms of Service

AZIAERI SMC LIMITED herein referred to as the company, is a limited liability entity registered in the Republic of Uganda. The company offers creators of literary works in the form of, but not limited to, articles and/or stories – news and non-news related – the ability to publish their works through its network of owned, operated and/or affiliate websites.

By accepting to have the company publish your articles and/or stories, creative content or otherwise as may be permissible from time to time on the company’s owned and affiliate websites – together called the Aziaeri Publishing Service (APS) – you are hereby bound by the following terms of use.

Writers Registration Account

In order to use APS, you may need to sign-up. to create an account. By signing-up to this service, you agree to;

(a)Provide accurate and complete information when you create the account, (b)You’ll update your account if any of your information changes, (c)You may delete your account at any time.

Termination of account

We may suspend or delete your APS account or stop providing you access to our service at any time if we believe you are in violation of our terms of use.

Deleted accounts will not result in the deletion of published articles and/or stories or other creative content as may have been submitted by a writer whilst they held an APS account.

Making submissions for publishing

Intellectual work, such as; articles, stories, video, audio and any other form of creative work, may be submitted to the company for review and, if approved, thereby published on company owned or affiliate websites. All such submissions will be made by email.

Writers whose submissions have been cleared for publishing will be notified by email.

Ownership of published content

Intellectual works submitted and published by the company on company owned sites and/or affiliates are published under the writer’s name and are the intellectual property of the writer(s).

Change in terms of service

Our terms of service are subject to change and may be modified from time to time. Notice of any changes will be provided, prior to the going into effect of new changes, by way of posting the updated terms. The continued usage of the company’s service after such an update will confirm that you accept and understand the updated terms.

You may read our privacy policy here.