AZIAERI – SMC LIMITED wants to make it easy for anyone to make purchases online for everyday items – things they would normally have to go to a physical shop to get. Through THE AZIAERI SHOP [] we want to save the customer all that trouble, by offering a sensible way for them to order online, from within their neighbourhood, and have items delivered to their home or workplace – convenience at its best!

For you the shop owner, THE AZIAERI SHOP wants to connect you to that customer who would like to buy from you without coming to your shop in person. They are willing to buy from you remotely because they trust the blend of a quality service, reliable integrity of goods or products you have on sale, and a user-friendly online shopping platform.

In order for us to list your products on, we require the following information;

  • SHOP DETAILS. We would like to know the name of your business or shop whether it is a registered sole proprietorship, partnership or company?
  • We require the physical location of your shop/business. By location, we require your shop’s plus code address.
  • PRODUCT CATOLOGUE. You will need to provide us with a list of the products you would like to sell on, as well as your price for each of the items you have selected. A partner shop (an approved shop/business selling on THE AZIAERI SHOP) agrees to guarantee the fulfilment of an order made to their shop. In order to do this, we may require an approved Partner Shop state the quantity of products/items they’ll be made able to have available at all times for the fulfilment of client orders. This is to avoid un-fulfilment of orders due to delayed notice of reducing stock levels on the part of the partner shop/business.
  • PAYMENTS. We pay shop owners via electronic means – mobile money to be specific. Payments for ordered items may be settled within 72 hours of delivering ordered for items.
  • COMMISSION. We operate a fee-for-every-sale system. In short, we take a commission payment as a percentage of the value of the product or item successfully sold, and not returned. We only take a fee if you actually make a sale.
  • REFUNDS. We operate a Return Policy for select items and as such offer customers of THE AZIAERI SHOP a refund window of 72 hours from when they take delivery of a product sold on This refund policy may affect the timelines some select Partner Shops will have payments remitted to them. Partner Shop members should refer to our Refundable Items List that is published by the company from time to time.
  • DELIVERIES. AZIAERI – SMC LIMITED (owner and operator of THE AZIAERI SHOP) handles all delivery arrangements to the clients who order from, either with in-house or out-sourced resources.
  • PRODUCT INTEGRITY. We require that the items or products being submitted for listing be in their original package and/or seal (as was packaged by the manufacturer).
  • PRICE CHANGES. A Partner Shop will give notice of any change in the pricing of the products in their submitted catalogue, and are listed on THE AZIAERI SHOP, at least 72 hours in advance before their going into effect. This is to (1) allow for the fulfilment of any pending client orders, (2) allow for proper and adequate notification of customers of the impeding price changes, and (3) provide notice to the company to determine if it wishes to continue listing a Partner Shop’s catalogue at the newly communicated prices.
  • REMOVAL FROM PLATFORM. AZIAERI – SMC LIMITED (the company) reserves the right to remove wares, products and otherwise the product catalogue of any Partner Shop without prior notice. The company is obliged to settle any out-standing payments or any other contractual obligation owed to the affect Partner Shop/business.
  • CHANGE OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS. The company may from time to time make changes to any terms and conditions that govern its relationship with any of its business partners, not limited to Partner Shops/businesses or any other businesses, without prior notice. The company reserves this right, and by continuing to engage in business dealings with the company, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

If you are in agreement with the above set-out terms and conditions, download your AZIAERI SHOP PARTNER FORM, fill it and send us a scanned copy to start the process of listing your products on THE AZIAERI SHOP.