Who can write on or for Aziaeri.xyz

Aziaeri.xyz publishes articles from anyone that signs-up to use our service, and one that wishes to document their world through writings or other multimedia.

These writings or multimedia could be for the sole purpose of providing an income to the writer/creator, or purely for the free consumption of readers anywhere in the world.

Editor’s Pick: What happens to articles submitted to Aziaeri.xyz for publishing

In case the above statement is reflective of a writer’s/creator’s purpose, we act as a channel to the world of avid, open-minded, intellectual readers. Essentially, anyone can write on or for Aziaeri.xyz.

We do have Terms and Conditions as well as Content Publishing Guidelines that offer useful instructional material on how to use our service should you consider sending over articles or other multimedia for publishing.

For submissions, we provide an email address after sign up, to which submissions are sent.