What happens to articles submitted to Aziaeri.xyz for publishing

Aziaeri.xyz publishes user-generated articles, for example news stories, feature stories, opinion pieces of varying themes and interest topics. We publish these on our websites, or those of affiliates.

The authors of these articles can earn an income from the revenue generated by visits to authored or co-authored articles, or they can become exclusive writers for Aziaeri.xyz – in which case they receive predictable payments from us subject to the contractual terms and conditions of such an arrangement.

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Now, let’s go back to what happens to articles that get submitted to us. Articles are submitted by email. You receive the email address after filling the Sign-up form. These articles are assigned to our editors in the Aziaeri.xyz Obi or bureau or outpost nearest to the google plus code address submitted by the author during sign-up. This is where an article’s review is primarily done and, or co-ordinated.

The location of review ensures that the review process captures the context of the article, is sensitive to any cultural and legal matters that may arise from the publishing of the article, and as well allows for ease of contacting an author should time zones come into play.

Grammatical considerations and scrutiny for alignment with our Content Publishing Guidelines, is also looked at during the review process, before deciding to publish a submitted article.

After a submitted article has passed all checks as per our guidelines, it is considered ready for publishing. We contact the author, using the email provided during sign up, and inform them of the decision to publish their article. Other bits of information related to the article to be published are equally communicated.

If you haven’t, read our Terms and Conditions of our publishing service here.