AZIAERI – SMC LIMITED is a privately-held company registered in the Republic of Uganda. We are based in the Kasana Town Council of Luweero district. We were born in the aftermath of the Covid-19 outbreak. Due to, many of our areas of interest business-wise have been defined and shaped by the pandemic and its effects.


The company is presently involved in retail with a focus on e-commerce model of reaching the market through THE AZIAERI SHOP. We are equally making efforts to get actively involved in the publishing, and media as well as broadcasting. This may yet have more years to fully maturing as a business line.

We are data driven and have a preference of getting into business operations that provide significant amounts of data for their improvement. We prefer geographically distributed teams that are connected by the technologies of the day.

We operate an ecommerce website — The Aziaeri Shop — at shop.aziaeri.xyz. as well as a news website The Ofualoka Post at www.ofualokapost.com.


Post Office Address. Using the old fashioned postal system, we may be contacted at; P.O. BOX 69 LUWEERO.

Address: RG54+74

Email. For the more modern person, an email to; aziaeri@aziaeri.xyz will do.

Social Media. Send us a direct message (DM) to @AziaeriXyz